The Civic Association for Dignity in Europe (ADEC), led by Dan Tanasă, asked the courts back in 2016 to call on the mayor of Corund/Korond to take down the “Községháza” (meaning town hall in Hungarian) inscription from the forefront of the building.

A court ruling in September 2016 by the Harghita County Tribunal ordered the mayor to take down the Hungarian inscription. The reason given was that the equivalent translation of “Községháza” in Romanian is not “Primăria” (which was the Romanian inscription on the building), but “Casa Comunală”. The inscription was then taken down and replaced in 2017 with “Casa Comunală” written in Romanian next to the Hungarian “Községháza”.

Following this, the leader of ADEC, known primarily as a fierce anti-Hungarian blogger, sued the mayor once more for refusing to comply with a legally binding court order. According to the latest ruling by the Târgu Mureș Court of Appeals, mayor Mihály Katona has to pay the equivalent of 20% of the gross minimum wage, that is 416 RON for each day starting from the 21st of October 2016, until he removes the „Községháza” inscription. The court also ordered that the mayor has to pay an additional 100 RON for each day starting from the 21st of October 2016 to the association of Dan Tanasă, until the said inscription is removed.