On March 4th, in the quarterfinals of the Romanian Cup, Sepsi OSK played against FC Petrolul Ploiești in the home town of the latter. During the match the supporters of the home team displayed such extreme anti-Hungarian behaviour that the game had to be interrupted for 10 minutes. The team from Sfântu Gheorghe/Sepsiszentgyörgy (a city with a majority Hungarian population) was accompanied by more than 100 supporters, who also became the targets of xenophobic chants.

During the entire match the supporters of the home team kept shouting obscene messages, calling their guests “bozgor” (a derogatory term meaning “person without a country”, frequently used by Romanian nationalists to refer to Hungarians) and chanting the hateful slogan which has sadly become a recurring theme of football matches: “Out with the Hungarians from the country!” They also threw matches and coins at some of the Sepsi OSK players. In the course of the entire game there was rarely a moment when these fans were cheering their own team, instead they spent their time swearing at Hungarians. In the 89th minute the referee interrupted the game due to the xenophobic chants and ordered the players to go to their locker rooms. After a 10-minute break the game was resumed.

The Mikó Imre Minority Rights Legal Services Assistance filed a complaint to the National Council for Combatting Discrimination and addressed a letter to the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) regarding this latest incident of hate speech targeting the Hungarian community during a football match.