As it is known, Dan Tanasă, the person who initiated hundreds of lawsuits against the symbols of Szeklerland and the use of the Hungarian language, a year and a half ago filed a lawsuit against the Remetea/Gyergyóremete City Hall, the reason being the displayed flags at this. For fifteen years five flags have fluttered on the facade of the city hall: the flag of Romania, the one of the European Union, the one of Hungary, the one of Szeklerland and the one of the village (in this order). After the case has gone through all of the stages of the Romanian justice system, according to the court’s judgement pronounced by the Bucharest Court of Appel, the flag of Hungary, the flag of Szeklerland and the one of the village of Remetea/Gyergyóremete must be removed from the Mayor’s Office facade.

The mayor of the village stated that he disagrees with the order of the court and at the same time he considers it a discrimination, however, they are prepared for further attacks of similar nature against their municipality and they will try to report such violations on all of the forums possible.

The event of the flags’ removal was accompanied by prayers, with more than a hundred participants watching the process with tears in their eyes. The event ended with the singing of the Hungarian and Szekler anthems and many placed candles in front of the empty flagpoles.